ocenaudio 3.5

Edit audio tracks, and apply audio effects and filters to them
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Oceanaudio is a powerful yet simple-to-use sound editor. The program has a minimalistic and neat interface that makes it less intimidating than other tools of its kind. Its interface resembles those of other editors. It allows viewing the file contents as waveforms and has only a few buttons, which are used to control playback and recording. However, there are multiple other features available as menu commands.

The tool supports editing practically any sound format. It can open single files and playlists as well as archives and complete folders. Besides, it can record from the microphone and the sound card or from a URL. Besides, it allows selecting a specific region and using the standard hotkey combinations for deleting, copying and pasting. It conveniently lets you label regions for easier management. Likewise, you are allowed to make multiple selections and edit them as a batch. Finally, the editor supports applying various effects, like noise reduction, normalize, fade in, to mention but a few.

The program has some advantages I would like to highlight. When you are editing a sound file, the tool takes practically no time to save it as it does not need re-encoding. Moreover, it can save in MP3 format without needing to install a plugin. Unfortunately, the tool can stack various effects.

All in all, although probably not as sophisticated as other sound editors available, oceanaudio is, without doubt, an excellent tool that deserves everybody’s attention. Luckily, the product is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports labeling regions
  • Records from URLs
  • Supports various tracks
  • Compatible with several formats
  • Does not need to re-encode edited files
  • Does not need an MP3 plugin
  • Multiple effects
  • Supports plugins
  • Simultaneous selection of multiple regions


  • Cannot stack various effects
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